4:59 PM

it was a rainy afternoon, when i went out from my course heading to my friends house with my other two friends. i had a lil' chit chat with Zoe while we're waiting for Ann taking her jacket. then 10 minutes later, i clearly remember Ann appeared then Zoe and i jumped in our own motorbike.
we didn't have any bad thinking or ... yeah something like that. we're stopped by the traffic light near a bus station.
" I'm out of gas, you better go first ", I said
" i don't know her (my friend) house ", Ann said
" Zoe knows, just follow her ", I said that while my machine running
so, we splitted up, i took right to the gas station. the gas man was so nice, asking why i went home so late, and i was just ... you know course stuff. I left the gas station then.
i still ran my motorbike in a medium speed, and arrived right in front of my friend's house. but Zoe's and Ann's motorbikes weren't there yet, i was all confused by myself, then i turned around, took a random road, honestly i didn't know where to go.
no for long, Ann rang my phone.
" where are you? i've been here ", i said
" It's bad, Zoe fell ", she said it in panic
" what? but where are you right now? "
" just... go back. We're beside the court. Hurry! "
i turned my motorbike on and rode crazily. i couldn't find where they are, then i got a feeling that they're in that place, Ann walked out from the house, stared at me while pointing to Zoe that had been lying down surrounded unknown people. i was stuttered, speechless, and just Oh My God what the hell happened. i really really didn't say a word. we brought Zoe to the hospital.
i found Ann in the registration, she's so messed up. Zoe was in a transition room, when her father came, then her father completed the registration. Me and Ann, sitting in an emergency's waiting room, ALL SILENT, we're busy with our own mind. we didn't know what just happened. yeah we cried, made each other calm down, then her father permitted us to go home.

3 AM i woke up, i took a look on twitter and facebook it's all full of condolences words, okay what again. it's said my school's parking officer passed away. so many people attended his funeral, he's a nice person, he's the one who could remember almost all police number of our motorcycle.
and today, in 12PM sharp, my neighbor went away from this world, she's a grandma already, my mom said it's because of complication damage of her body, she's already old.
you know, what i'm saying is .... we never know when where God gives us a lesson to learn, we have to keep believing The One. be careful, make a peace, keep smiling and be happy :)

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