Thoughts in One

8:03 PM

  • when i'm stucked in a silence, i will always be trapped in the past memory, guilty feeling that can not be hid all the time. sometimes it comes up with no command, all by itself.
  • you see my laugh? it's not fake, it's my expectation to be like that as always.
  • i can say i have no care to everyone special anymore, people are the same in my eyes. i told every single secret that i have and i don't know why i really trust them. i don't really care either if they reveal it to whoever else.
  • 'always happy' theory that is told by my teacher, for me, in my opinion, doesn't work. you will not be happy if you never felt how sad your life is.
  • i just realized i can adapt easily with no matter what circumstances lately.
  • TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2011 WAS A BLAST, i love T-Swift sooo much, i hate Selena Gomez. she's not a good friend, she has fun only with her boyf when Demi sat alone on another far away seat. in my real life, i play Demi.
  • i'm a rock, but i'm also a jelly, it's yummy :d

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