Party of The LQI

6:39 PM

it was last wednesday, the d-day we decided to have breaking fasting at Pram's house.
before i went there, i had to take chemist course, and i was soooooo excited at that time i kept my positive energy inside my head, just in case my mood would swing around freely.
maybe part of them (my classmates) worried about what to wear how they looked like, but me a big fat no no, i took simple randomly outfit 'cause you know what, to be ordinary among the extraordinaries is superordinary.
i rode my motorcycle with Ade, it was beautiful dusk. when i arrived at pram's, my friends already played poker WITHOUT meee. then i grabbed another pack of cards and asked Iput, Arden, Ade, Nita to join me.
when adzan was heard, we went to the food lounge without any command. then we did sholat, and had a BBQ party, watched Super 8, danced around together, sang together, everything. we had so much fun.

playing poker

preparing LCD to watch Super 8

grabbing the meal

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