3rd Grader

6:31 AM

i haven't posted anything good yet lately, because of the combination of lazy and busy. by the way, now i have stepped on 3rd grade, it's time of full dizziness, this year every single 3rd graders will be pressed to decide their own future. it's kinda scary but just go with it. i have decided my future too, but i'm still not sure where i'm gonna take it in what university. oh in this last year my school has a brand new uniform, it's batik you know, batik is our traditional cloth.

i have to attend extra study hours too, join course, do not sleep in the class, and try to appreciate all of my friends, once again this is our last year, guys. and all the teachers were so cruel this week, we got A LOT OF homework and reports, don't you think we have 3 brains, huh? #ignore. here are some photos where i take course.

i'm happy i've figured out something, i'm happy i've found myself not the guilt one
thanks VDE, IB, ALR, ADK, DRP, RPH, who had patiently listened to my grumbble
oh i almost forgot, Welcome Ramadhan the holy month of moslems, a month to go before The Great Winning Day Idul Fithri

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