We were Junior High School

6:01 PM

today, i had a gathering with my classmates in junior high school. a long time ago we named ourselves Dhe^army, because we're in the 'D Class' and we're the army of its, a lil' bit lame but... yeah we were all lame. so we had kind of reunion in one of 'not restaurant' just call it a place to eat something, its special is steak. we had so much fun there, remembering all old stuffs about us, making jokes, laughing laughing and laughing. they don't change too much, just some of them a lil' bit turn upside down, but it doesn't matter, not my problem though.
so here we are....

so before we went to that place to eat, we gathered first in our 'old' school first

waiting for the steaks

after having food we took a picture together

I was in the middle of awesome people. they were and are my best friends :)

great day friends, ILU <3

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