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since i was in high school there are so many teeny-tiny problem of my friends that has been told to me. to be frank there are kind of gaps in my class, the diligent and the not-diligent, the rich and the not-rich, the talkative and the not-talkative. and me is in the middle of all of those, diligent but not diligent, not rich but not not-rich, sometimes talkative sometimes not really.

and it's caused those group of people, if they have a problem, they always tell it to me no matter what is the problem.
sometimes it makes me proud, because it feels like being needed, and it's good, kinda like i'm the 'very important person'. nah, i'm kidding, but the 'proud' part is serious.
but mostly, their whining is annoying, the big cause is because they just talk everything they think that's the right thing for them, they do not look at their selves. most of the cases that i've been handled shows that they just say whatever they want, i know they're emotionally-unstable-teenagers but i don't think they try to be an adult in thinking.
blame me if i offend somebody, but at least i look on myself, try to apologize to everyone about my mistakes, and try harder to change my bad. and again i'm younger here, don't they think to give example of attitude to me?
and some cases of another teenagers, they do not really take an advice that has given to 'em, they do listen when the advice spoken, but then POOF! disappear through the air. then how does it feel to be the advice giver? trust me, it hurts. you know like you say something than the person in front of you give a good respond of your talk, then another day you meet that person and she/he kinda teases you. my evil suggestion is 'go get another friends', but i won't do that, sometimes it's enough to give it a rest. walking away from them in temporary time is better, don't ever think to go away from them forever, trust me again you'll suffer a whole senior year, because you still meet them.

Fakhriyyah Khairunnida'

ps: if there's anybody offended, talk to me in person, thanks :D

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