SGGS International Students' Conference

1:19 PM

it's a conference that held in Penang, Malaysia, its committee is from St. George's Girls' School, i'm really really impressed to them, they're kinda like me still in High School but they can manage the things well and the most impressive thing is THEY'RE ALL GIRLS.
before i got there i had to stay in Tangerang first because we have to attend pre-departure briefing in Education Ministry Office. the meeting was going well and it told us to go to the Soekarno-Hatta Airport at 2AM, i closed my eyes all the way to Airport at that time. In Tangerang we stayed in apartment, i forgot the name but it's quite big apartment, and we got it for free, because Lenny's aunt have paid the charge.
in the airport (remember it's 2AM), i had no idea about all of the people there, i didn't even know their names, but thanks God i had Arden and Lenny sitting beside me in the plane. the plane landed in Penang at 9AM i thought, then something happened, the baggage of one of Indonesian Delegates was switched with another passenger. it took so much time to wait, but then we decided to leave and tell the Airport security to call us if there's someone returning that baggage. aaaand we move on, out of the Airport, it was SO HOT, i mean the weather.
we arrived at RECSAM House, thanks God again because i didn't have to share room with stranger. The room was so comfortable, with air conditioner, full of electricity source, and the best part the WiFi connection was sssssoooooooo freaking FAST, i could download 150mb in just 5 minutes, in Indonesia it takes 1-2hour(s).
after check in, we had refreshments and then we had ice breaking. hundreds people separated into 6 groups, i got group 4 and at that time, i met more and more strangers,but the ice breaking was fun, i knew some some of them. then after that we might stay at our room to take a rest, then dinner, then briefing, then bed!
the second day was the real life, it began with opening ceremony in SEAMEO Hall, then having discussion in Workshop A & B, Keynote Address and responses, Plenary session. you have to know that time was the time when you had to listen older said and you had to take a note, of course not allowed to fall a sleep even though i wanted it so freaking bad.
then the delegates of Indonesia having rehearsal for cultural presentation, it was super super fun. we (from Klaten) taught them cublak cublak suweng, their reaction was kinda like wow! i never thought they would be so excited. We had 'cinta indonesia' dance, cublak cublak suweng, dero dance and Poco-poco dance.

i take those photos from Nadya Natasha's album and Brenda's album

the third day, there were Plenary session 2 and workshop C left, then we had tour and shopping. to be frank i was not really excited. we went to blue mansion, mall, chocolate house. the blue mansion was a chinese house, yeah you can google it it's so famous, even though i never knew it before. and the mall, my bad i forgot the name too -___-
i take those photos from Google, Nadya Natasha's album, and my album

after the tour and shopping, we had to move to the hotel quickly, because we had to prepare our show. Bu Zahra said that we performed good, not disappointing, i was so happy :D. i love that night, hundreds people dressed up in a hall, aaaaa i miss those things. ps: the smoked duck was taste bad, almost all of people in my table gonna throw up

yeah, that's sucha beautiful moment in my life :)

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