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feels like i just step into Klaten 2 days ago, and today i have to go to school to have final exam. actually the headmaster said a month ago that we could postpone it, but then he told my father that it would be difficult if i didn't do exam today. okay i go, but the 2 others don't, they have no preparation they said that. but do you think i have studied well? i started studying at 7pm, then the electricity was off, then on again half hour later. i studied until 12am, then woke up again at 3am, and i hadn't read all the materials yet, i mean not complete. you can conclude yourself whether i have prepared well or not.

i went to school kinda like zombie, had no idea what will happen, it's lucky that i didn't get motorcycle accident because i was daydreaming while i was riding it.
when i arrived at school, nothing's different. i just made a different step before i walked straight to the class, i bought water in the cafeteria first to relax my mind. and then i found my exam room, everybody greeted me warmly, ooohhhh i feel blessed to have 'em as my friends, i feel like be missed. they are so what they are, they taught me the materials i haven't learned, they made me believe that i could do it, they kept me feel safe.
"don't worry, you can do it""just relax!""ask me anytime""which number that is still blank?""have you finished?""why don't you ask me!!""IBAAAH, how many blanks left?"
even they want me to ask their answer, they do care about me. once again i feel blessed. and when the time was over, they circled me, they asked me to tell everything about the conference, and i told.
i don't know how can i return all of your effort to make me feel received :)

thank you LQI
i love you <3

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