8:29 AM

Sometimes . . . No, always. Waiting always sucks. Someone asked you to go somewhere, and he promised you to meet in (lemme call) A. You arrived first, and there's no one in A.
1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes. Tolerated.
Now, it's been 30 minutes. Still, no one there, but a group of unknown boys near you. Then he came with someone you don't expect to come, but he does. What a life! A destiny isn't on your side, yet. Don't sigh, just take a deep breath, everything's gonna be alright.
To be honest, i'm sick of it, if my hurt is measured, it can be more than a thousand ton psychological burden.
Okay, if you deal with something like that, please giving him up, although it's difficult and way more hurt, trust me it'll be worth it and sometimes it's relaxing.

Fin, regards Jean

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