Kartini Day

9:21 PM

surely this is a late post, kartini day was so weeks ago, its 21st of April. but i have not enough time or i'm just too lazy to post something, but i madly wanna show y'all our Kartini day celebration, cause it's wonderful. and again i'm too lazy to describe.

this is us, in front of the class with full of traditional costume

this is me using 'blangkon', it used to be used by man, but i tried to wear it

the blue-veiled girl is Ade, the red one is me, the other girl is Iput and the only boy is Adhi
we took the picture concepted by Manda, he wanted to show us his idea was good, so here that is

this is me and Nisa, starring each other. it was total drama queen act

this is us again in the class, decorating traditional food

this Barbie is a part of traditional food's decoration, i put powder on its face.

it's pulling rope competition, mine was lost because we just had 6 boys, poor poor LQI

again we lost at the 'bakiak' competition, they just fell down
bakiak is a kind of flip flop can be used for 4 people together

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