9:55 PM

hello there. i'm in Penang, Malaysia now, i'm joining SGGS INternational students' conference here. there's so many people from many countries gather all together here. it's kinda fun because i met a lot of new friends, although my english isn't that good, but at least i can communicate and understand what they're talking about. some of them are very very nice to us, but some others are being a little bit un-welcome to us. it's okay, different person different characteristic, right?
but i'm so afraid, because when i get back to indonesia i will have a test in my school, and i haven't prepared anything yet, i feel scared if i can't pass it well, pray for me, wish me luck.
this is 23pm here, so lemme take a rest and post another unimportant post again, gbye :)

oh, i was on webcam with my friend in Indonesia, he said i'm kinda like mermaid or you can say dugong --"
no, of course i'm not, it's his crunchy jokes --"

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