Shut Me Up

7:26 PM

today, there are two things making me shut my mouth up.

a friend is a friend
as usual, i went to school every single morning of my life. well, today there's math exam, and the seat we took was random, so everyone could choose any seat. i sat in front of my friend - call her Abby - because i needed to ask a couple question of math exercise. then her friend (i'm not really close with her, but Abby is close with her) - call her Mona -, asked us "is this seat taken?". Abby said "yeah, it's for Joanne" (another best friend of Abby). Mona was upset, she took the furthest seat from Abby, because there's no seat left around Abby's. but Abby no longer cared about her. and actually Abby didn't know why Mona got angry.
i thought they're best friend, i thought they had a strong connection. well, that was my thoughts.
IMO, Mona was upset because Abby chose her own best best friend. idk further than that.

a poor poor boy
i ride my motorcycle everywhere, my parents allow me even though i have no license. i was from my english course, riding my motorcy, when i saw a man with his son rode motorcy also, but the boy just looked at his back of their riding. The boy was curious about 'why my father's motorcycle spread smoke, and the others don't', i feel really really sorry to him, his father's motorcycle was so old that it spreads a lots of smoke. i really wanna cry, when i imagined i was that boy. that unlucky boy.

ps: i'm sorry to my bestfrs that i've been avoiding y'all lately. i'm just not sure about everything.

today i took a picture on my school break, just for remind you that my face didn't change.

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