Tour Camp - Prambanan temple

6:20 AM

i attended a camp (3/14/2011) ,let's call it 'a scout camp'. i was one of the red cross member so my job was stay in a health care tent. at first it's such an easy doing, just sitting in a tent waiting someone who need medical help, but then sitting and waiting became a terrible noon-mare (it's the friend of nightmare). The hard rain came, i thought this big tent would be OK with that, and suddenly i felt my head was hit by WATER. i was in a tent with Voila, the two of us couldn't handle every leaks in every corner of tent's roof. Water constantly coming down, aaaaaand THE HARD RAIN DIDN'T WANT TO STOP aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh. We tried to grab everything to block the water which has been transformed into a river beneath the tent. My only one plastic glass overflew, it didn't catch so much water, then Voila took her raincoat in order to make the water didn't run through our bags, then she just made a pond under a tent -___-. such a terrible first day of camp.
second day i felt free, because that day i would be back home, it's earlier than anyone, because i have to register my debate delegation to debate competition. Then that day, my job still, 'first-aid girl'. I accompany the junior in a tour. it's a cultural tour to Prambanan temple. it's amazing folks, you can't see it by photos you have to go there. There are so many foreign tourist from USA, Spain, Japan, China, France and many more. and FYI the weather that day was the opposite to the first day, it's awesomely HOT

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