Late Visitors

5:13 PM

yesterday, i went to Merapi mountain to see how its condition after a few months ago threw its burden for years. Actually i was kinda late, because people went there a month or two months after Merapi's condition got better. Look i'm a busy girl, and my school rarely gives me the same holiday with my parents', so there i was. But actually i went there only with my mom and some neighbors (they're kind of my family too)

there were still so many people visiting. People of Merapi used this opportunity to build a simple little shop sold photos of Merapi's eruption, foods and beverages.

look, there's no tree anymore. full of rocks and sand. a little river became wider 10 times.

our second destination, idk what that place called, it's a burried village, you can see some roof of buildings only.

my last destination was a hot spring. it provides hot-sulfured water, people believe this spring can cure some skin allergies or diseases. But when we enjoyed the spring, suddenly a hard rain came through, we evacuated to a mosque, we took a break and did Sholat there, after rain we planned to go home as soon as possible, but we saw a lot people gathered around the spring water. And the river that flow as a hot spring became wilder and wider, it's a FLOOD.
it's a road before the rain, and i passed it before the hard rain came

There are more pictures here

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