There's Still a Place to Talk

8:32 PM

don't know what to write, frankly. but i freaking want to post something, so i let you be bored by my mumbling.

  • i just read every note of my little best friend, she's deadly beautiful, and of course she has talent in writing. she can write more than 300 words in one note one time. she doesn't just tell about herself, sometimes she writes about her friend, her boyfie, her family and everything about her, she also writes about trending issues that she gets from online magazine or something like that. How blind i've been, i've found out just now, where i've been, we've been best friend since i was 6. now i just have 1 thought, she's more wonderful than last time i saw her before
  • i have a lot fun every step in my class. they just.... i don't know, AMAZING. there's no life without laugh. perhaps, they don't know when i was upset, but they could break it successfully.
  • Duh! this one, thought i AM the laziest one in my home, i am a kind of person who can't sit and stare at the book more than 2 minutes. so, don't compare me with my siblings, they're totally nerd-looking, no offense.
  • there's a girl in my english course, she's my junior, i don't like her. that's all
  • i have a problem with sleeping hour, because some school's stuff obligate me to decrease my sleep hour. FYI i need 9 hours for sleeping, lately i just got 5 hours. don't be surprised if i got my first eye bags.
  • i wrote this, cause i don't know who to talk. just in case, i don't want to disturb anyone with my priceless sayings. Also i rarely make a statement in a social network, i'm just afraid that someone may know what i really feel, and it would be really awkward, since people know that i'm a no-problem cheery kid. And i don't want to be asked continually, means i don't like answering questions.
  • and for whom has read my muttering, congratulations, you've been this far.
  • there's someone stuck in my head these couple days, a little bit confusing, but it's new case, my own case. butt out!
  • i adore every fashion blog, actually i envy them, it's kinda cool, but i have nothing to be like them, just keep dreaming. and also something like that still assumed weird in THIS TOWN.
  • this sentence's for my parents: " I LOVE YOU MUAAACH "
  • you know what? i'm a cool girl, but i'm short. okay this one isn't much important.
  • for whom successfully read this far, i need a new song's recommendation, comment please if you have a good song for my lovely ears.
  • i know there's none want to read this thing. -___-

It's good to be good, but it's better to be the best.
It's good to be loved, but it's better to care about others first.
If you have a doubt, God can kill that doubt in your heart.

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