A Kind Of Monday

9:19 PM

yeaay yesterday, we watched basketball match. Yes there's our school team, we just wanted to support our friend. We planned we would go to the match took place after school, but i had to go home first, because my mom's brother got an accident and now he's still in the hospital, pray for him. But my mom allowed me to watch the game, she's more than best for me.

we got there, we screamed out SO LOUD. Our opposite's supporter a kind of little bit 'HARSH', but we kept everything on track, there's no anarchism, i was worried before if i couldn't go home safely. And it's fun enough, although our team didn't win, but there's still another game tomorrow evening, means they do not really lose.

Also i met some JHS's friends, my best friends actually. They're still cheery, not change much, and i love them.

ps: all of the pictures took by arden's mobile

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