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finally after 4 days my home internet connection was unconnected, it's been fixed. So, i wanna tell my holiday, because to-mor-row the sor-row will be begun. I got 2 weeks holiday and it will be ended less than 24 hours T_____T. okay let's to the point, here are my holiday's event, frankly most of them i spent at home.

Rizqi’s sweet 17th

My first day holiday was awesome enough, i got a 17th birthday party invitation from my bestiest when i was junior high school, it’s Rizqi. She held a lil’ celebration with her family and some friends. God bless you Rizqi, be happy.

Rizqi cut her birthday cake

from left to right: Wanda, Nana, Rizqi, Dhika, Yetty, Okky and Me
Having siomay and meatball soup, just call it bakso anyway

Wanda and me


Two days after that, Imammanda asked me whether i wanted to join him to go to Jogja. We (Me, Imammanda, Sarah) went there by our personal glamorous high quality ride, guess what? TRAIN --”. Imammanda wanted to sell stuff, he made an appointment with someone we didn’t even know who in Ambarukmo Plaza. While waiting the person-we-didn’t-know-who, we had ….. i don’t know it was breakfast or lunch cause it’s about 10.30AM. okay just pretend it was lunch, yeah we had it at Pizza Hut, in the middle of chewing meal, there’s an EARTHQUAKE, everybody took their ride and left immediately and we.... just laughed

A long riding trip

Then the next daaaaaay, it’s the most exciting day a whole holiday for me. We went to Boyolali, it’s where my friend – Andit – live. It’s about … km from my town (Klaten), and we got there by motorcycle. When we were there, it’s so remind me how beautiful diversity is. Andit is catholic and we are moslems, we saw a Christmas tree there and it’s sooooo beautiful, we asked some questions about that, for example ‘do they shine?’ ‘is there a gift inside this little box?’ ‘is it always here a whole year?’. And Andit sent us to the nearest mosque to have sholat.

Boyolali is a little town, quite one, not so crowd, but nice, it has cool weather and so many delicious food. The most special that Boyolali has is milk, they’re big producer of milk.

We got Soto Seger for lunch treated by Andit (thanks Andit), and we ride around the town with a little rain pouring us. So nice.

Till 4 o’clock, we asked to leave, for God sake i don’t know what happened but we stucked in a traffic jam. We have to compete with containers, trucks, cars and the other motorcycles to get out from there. And the worst, it was heavy rain.

It was a long long adventure, but i can’t stop smiling if i remember it. Wohooo fun.

preparation before left Klaten

Andit's residence

Andit's garden
Santa and Christmas tree (peace :D V)
Mosque's gate

Having soto for lunch

second lunch at Roti Bakar, Boyolali

Try out USM STAN 2011

It's a kind of try out to get a university, yeah like that. it held in GOR Klaten. i did not prepare everything for it, i just came, did the test, got some snacks, went home. DONE. But yesterday i just got news from Nana that I ......... i passed the test. wohooooo, although it's just try out, but i'm glad anyway, at least it can be an experience for me.

before the test

Copying Day

This.. is the day I ride around, i went to Rizqi's house to copy some photos. I went to Nana's house, she wanted to copy some photos from me. I went to Voila's house, there's Ika too. And we went to school to meet mas Nanda to copy Korean Drama (i forgot the title). We went back to Voila's then copying again. fiuuuuh

Voila's room

that's it! a lot days i spent at home with playing game, watching movies, riding around, watching TV, editing photos, reading books (it's novel, don't you think i'm too diligent).

Adiós amigos

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