There's A Light

4:31 PM

today is the first remedial day, and we got 2 today. Indonesian and History.
in Indonesian, we had to write everything we wanted to write in 3 paragraph and decided some conjunctions' function. in History, we had to answer 10 questions correctly, thanks Lord I got 8.
But those were not a big deal. the next hours we watched 'Despicable Me' in class, it was so damn funny that nobody didn't laugh. It's high recommended movie, must watch, I have twice.
then some of my friends copied a couple movie from me, movies are such a time killer for semester's holiday.

when everyone's back home, there are Ade, Voila, Arden (you can find them in my blog list) and I stayed in the class. We talked about soooooooooooo much much thing, actually we talked about future.
We imagined or hoped perhaps, that we could go to college together, stay in the same boarding house, get a great faculty, get a job, get married, have a baby. Having a baby is Voila's big dream, I don't have that far away imagination.
But we just scared of future, when everything's done by ourself without parents, seemed suck.
I just remember my parents said that there's always a way when we get there, If we imagine it now maybe we'll be pessimist, but if we get them in front of our eyes, we can finally solve it.
There's always a way, because Lord never give hard thing that His people can not solve, THERE'S ALWAYS A LIGHT IN THE DARK. semangat teman - teman :D

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