Every Single Person Represents 1 Color

12:23 PM

life is never flat, we feel different feeling each second. My teacher ever said 'how many type that red color has?', we said 'there are pink, rose red, and ... '
and my teacher said 'is this pink?'
we said 'yes, it is'
then my teacher asked again 'then, what is this? isn't this pink?'
my teacher said 'so pink has so many type right? then again if pink has so many type, how many type does red have?'
the answer is 'uncountable'.
i thought every single person in the world have a right to have their really own color, because perhaps the amount of color is more than amount of people in the world. They can mix and match every color by their own. And if we can make our own color, we can make our rainbow. As known that rainbow appears after rain in the sky, but we can make it here, on earth.

and this is my rainbow. myself.

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