School's Anniversary

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My school's 53rd anniversary held for 3 days (4, 5, 6 nov 2010), the theme was 'Future Culture of Indonesia', but then it's changed to be 'Charity concert for Merapi'

#first day
we had to joined sociodrama, wall magazine, recycle, poem, speech, bazaar, costume competition and etc.
My class' theme was office, so everyone wore blouse, blazer, skirt, suit-dress. We stole our mom's shoes and bag.
School committee told us that we had to bike to school, it was so crowded but fun. It's synchronous with my class' costume-theme "BIKE TO WORK".
We don't hope much to get the prize, we have worked hard, let's just wait the result.

Our wall magazine, about 'Culture of Indonesia that claimed by other country'

#second day
We had to wear 'batik' today, we attended ceremony in the morning.
While the ceremony took place, suddenly it was raining ash.
My city is so close to Merapi (25km), Merapi mountain is the most active volcano in Indonesia, it's showed its activity since a week ago and it's ridiculously frightening. All about Merapi is here. All the victims of Merapi had been evacuated. #PrayForIndonesia
live must go on, Merapi hasn't destroyed my city yet, so we kept going on anniversary celebration. We kept doing normal activity, but the difference was everyone wore a mask.

#Third Day
it was the maximum fun, Seventeen band made a whole school singing. we also did 'flash mob', played playstation, had a lunch together, took so many pictures by webcam and Bakti sosial for victims of Merapi.

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