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that pigtailed-girl, called Lola, has been realizing the meaning of growing up.

" Growing up means lonely " she whispered by herself.
She try to remember how her last life feels so 'just for her', complete parents, no sibling, friends. She wrote a letter for herself.

" The most thing that I miss is how my junior high school's friends treat me as a little child. although i'm not the youngest person, they still assumed me as a small young child. They helped me on everything.
my chair mate, she's the best. Perhaps she was my sister at that time.
She hugged me when I cried, I completely remember when a girl in my class mad at me, I'm such a sensitive person so I just cried in front of the class. They also told me to not cry anymore. They calmed me down.
Everybody was ever pinched my chubby cheek, they did it when I started to whine and disturb them.
And they also said that I was tiny little cayenne pepper, I was small, I was little, but I was shrewd enough at that time. I was just like a little princess who was guarded by everyone.
Now, here. Everybody's treated the same. No one cares about my whining, I cry alone, They shout to me when I disturb them, Most of them are brusque.
If I could take it back, i do not want to replace them, nor back to the age when I was a little princess, I just want to change all of them.
no... no... i can't change anyone.
I have to change myself. I do really sure that I'm so stubborn and selfish lately, but it's a natural emotion, right? I mean every person has it.
See, I have confessed that I try to make up every single detail of my life, so won't you all treat me well, I'll deem it as my praise "

Police found her letter in her room, when Lola was in her way to the mental hospital.
The day after she wrote that letter, she almost burnt her friend.

[fictious- story]

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