Painting, Gift, Friends

12:46 PM

it's fasting month people!!! why don't we have a month holiday like what we got when we were child?
sleep, get up, have sahur, sleep again, get up again, go to school, that's what we do everyday in the fasting month
today is 18th of august
yesterday we attended Independence Day ceremony, and today we have to have lesson AS USUAL again. Today we have art lesson, we got homework before, painting. Some of us have submitted the result but the other haven't. This is my painting, looks great from far, but it's a disaster if you watch it carefully. There are many more beautiful than mine, i envy them.

and this what i've done to my hand while i was doing that picture

the other lesson today is javanesse language, I'm not too interested in my own language, i just wrote and made doodle in my task book. But my chair-mate did different thing, her name is Rika. Look! she's sleeping under the table

after school, we have some fun, SO MUCH FUN. We have planned something for Nisa, her birthday was a week ago, but we just bought a gift for her yesterday.
We bought her a purple helmet, she's a beginner-motorcycle rider, Nisa was unwell before, then she cheers up again after receiving the gift. Happy Birthday Nisa :D

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