Hiding is kinda fun !!!

7:47 AM

NOW, religion day.
and for three days from now on the activities in the school will be perfectly the same, but one thing that i love is 'i can get up late', because school starts an hour late.
(sigh) the principal told the moslems must read Koran ( Qur'an - arabic - ) for an hour, and the others do something about their own religion. And my class was done it so FAST ( no, i think as fast as we can, perhaps? ).

For a while we became religious people, but when we ended reading Koran, everything turn into 'what we are as usual' - chatting, grumbling, shouting, gossiping -.
Just threw a little joking, then someone knocked and opened the class' door. That's our religion teacher, a little bit confusing teacher. He asked something, and we answered it doubtfully, and he went. Just that. I think he must be unlike us now. Whatev don't think about it.

then WE WATCH A MOVIE. The movie is the recommendation from Nisa. The Diary of a Wimpy Kids , it's so awesome funny movie. I've ever read the book in a bookstore already.

okay then, the principal told again, that we had to go to mosque. We're so 'urrghhh', so much thinking that "How can we all gather in mosque, that's a tiny mosque, we are many big huge people". So, Sarah and I, hide in the class, honestly, we hide in the back corner of the class, we're not sure if somebody can not found us, but whatev. Mr. Kanthi could get my friends to go hurry to mosque, except sarah and me.
Hiding is kinda fun, we didn't have to listen the speech, browsing all the time, when the wireless was off, taking picture all the time.

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