Class' cleaner

6:39 PM

it was (aaaa wait i forget).... Umm i think it was tuesday when we got an announcement from principal that we had to clean our classroom 'cause there will be an accreditation for our school. And it will be a hygiene competition, the class that win the competition will get a prize.
so, with a big spirit to get the prize (not to welcome the accreditation), we cleaned the class.
at first, all of us worked hard. swept the floor, cleaned the window, tidying everything and played music (to keep the spirit on).
as time passed by, one of us stopped working, then one the other accompanied her, then the other one, the other other one. until almost a half of us just sitting outside the class, a quarter of us dancing in front of the class, the other quarter kept swabbing the floor. - ironic -
the one who worked harder of course felt jealous, right? but, maybe the others were tired or something, let 'em get their own 'karma' (lemme say like that)
but everyone's having fun, let's make life easier with a smile.

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