First week in second grade SHS

2:41 PM

the holiday had been passed, now time to study agaaaaiiiinnn. I was so glad in the first day, thought i would get some laughs and everything that i had in my first year SHS. that was i thought.
First day, there's nothing special, yeah that day full of laugh, but it was not completely happy at all. Almost a half of my classmates were out of the class to welcome the juniors.
the second day was still the same, and it began to be a little hard day, some lessons had been started with difficult material. So lame stuck in a school curriculum again.
It has been a week.
I go together everywhere just with Sarah, 'the others' are busy to do some exercises to join something, like a competition. perhaps. good luck then :DI'm happy if they are happy, so let just the two of us to face the day by just the two of us ( sarah and i).
okay move on, hahahahhahahaha
so happy i can get some new pictures of they are who love me (hahahaha my classmates i mean), they are so great, there's no change from them during the holiday
Ohh i forget something, NOW i'm regretting to be one of the member of one of my school organization, THAT'S IT.

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