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first of all, it's a kind of a camp, i thought before. Lemme call it 'a camp', I do not really love to repeat the title.

three days after having a final exam, when our brain still boiled, we had to prepare everything related with 'the camp'. We prepared it as well as we can, everything simple turned to be complicated. Actually honestly directly, I little bit regretted why we had to work hard just for this camp.

the day when the camp held, we became a strong girls, brought every 'camp' stuff into the trUCK. And i don't know it's something like 'luck' or 'fortune', our class is the furthest from the trUCK. And i didn't like it when we got opening ceremony (or something like that) because I could never hear what Mr. Front said, but it didn't take a long time, thanks GOD.
the minute when the trUCK began to run, i thought everything seems different, i don't know what why who. just my thought, ignore it.
but this one, surely not just my thought, all people on that trUCK felt so uncomfortable, unprofessional driver probably (have you got your license yet sir?)

finally we reached the place and headache stomachache went together with us. WE (all girls) HAD TO BE MORE STRONGER GIRL THAN BEFORE. IT'S A CLIMB. huuhhh!!!
to go to our land, we had to walk 300m (maybe?) with so many obstacles. Lemme take a deep breath, wooo dramatically.
all worked normally, happily, cheery, before the bad weather, rucking fain and whitty sind came without any permission.
DESTROYED, BROKE, RUINED everything. but how lucky my group, my tent still could be used to sleep.
that was a long night we spent to wash clean and tidy up our thing. and a tight sleep made me feel better, BEFORE someone woke me up. then..... i do not wanna talk about it, it makes the weather colder, i think.

i decided to not take a bath that day, heeeeyy it was a very cold day. don't blame me. I thought it would be a tiring day, but it wasn't. So happy when we're together, no problem, no conflict, no anger, just laughing, smiling, singing, jumping, walking, running, screaming. Best experience. It reminds me that life isn't always to reach something high, but there's a time to chase something underground. just for information, i took a shower in the afternoon, so don't worry, i'm not that lazy.

this was the day when no one wanted to stay on tent while the others joined wide game (it's not a kind of game for me) . bad atmosphere surrounded. but it could solve immediately. We could pass the wide game earlier than the other. We got a quite long rest to pack our stuff, then all of the student (without exception) had to attend the closing ceremony. after that there's still a session, it's so 'huh' that i don't wanna spell it again.
then we went back home (actually, went back school first), with an AWESOME TRUCK DRIVER. (again)
everybody everything was fine, and this time was the real went back home.
what a three tiring day.

these are some pictures, we've taken there.

preparation at school

after outdoor-game

we called 'em tim siaga banjir

at night in the tent

first breakfast

lintas alam- bunker merapi

lintas alam- zig zag path

lintas alam- in a river

second nite- pensi

second nite - pensi

wide game prparation


closing ceremony

just have a little lunch

we made ourself
that's all
ooh i forget something, videos

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