In every step of my life, I always have best friends

6:28 PM

i've just heard a song about friendship from my winamp, so my thoughts turned to the past when i was in elementary school.
they were my best friends, we spent our time together. we are in different school (different mind, different way, different place) now.

move on, when i was junior high school. There are people who gave me a shiny day (hahahahahaha)
I still remember when we were slandered by one of the counseling teachers, and we cried together.although we are not as close as before, but you're still the best

and this is what i've got in my first year in my senior high school. i'm not sure why we can be so close, and i really don't know what the beginning of the story is. I'm just thinking that I'm so lucky.

Thanks for all of my bests
I've learned from you ALL

Fithri Khoiriyah, thanks for teaching me patience
Fithri Istiqomah, thanks for teaching me how to make a happy situation around me
Kinan Juliana Pradhipta, thanks for teaching me vanity and fending a bad boy ( :D )
Rizqi Indah Riani, thanks for teaching me confidence
Okky Nanda Victoria, thanks for teaching me your big scream and leadership
Febrina Ramadhika Nur Indah Pratiwi, thanks for teaching me what friends are for
Yetty Prabawatie, thanks for teaching me that anger can't solve a problem
Sarah Zaniar Majid, thanks for your drawing and for teaching me that friends are our family
Voila Devi Evandhani, thanks for accompanying me when i was alone, and for your phylosophy
Imammanda Budhiarta, thanks for teaching me a big joke, and for cheering up me when i felt stuck

and so so big thanks for all of my classmates in elementary school, Dhe~Army and Quatrieme Im

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